We offer In our clinic, general dental care with highest quality such as:


Greendent clinic offer you not only good general dentistry and medical dental care according to your needs, but also provides you with preventative dental care so that you can keep your teeth healthy for longer.




Tooth extraction


On some occasions, one is forced to remove a tooth. This is done by the usual way or by surgery.





During examination, we aim to look at the whole individual. Oral health associated with the other health problems are extremely important in pervention of oral diseses.



We perform various surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth surgery, periodontal surgery and implant surgery.




Crown and bridge structures


Prosthetic constructions are used when a tooth is very damaged or at times when one or more teeth are missing. Bridges are available in different materials and shapes and are usually done in cooperation with a dental technician.

Porcelain is the material that is most similar to tooth enamel. A porcelain crown is done when a tooth is so badly damaged that it is considered that a composite filling is not sufficient.



Repair / Filling


IIn case of cavities, fractures or other small destructions of teeth, it may be constructed in different filling material, such as composite (plastic).




Root Canal treatment


There are different reasons for needing an dental root canal treatment. The most common reason is due to a deep cavity, the nerve become inflamed and a root canal treatment is necessary.




If you want to change your teeths shape, color or position, veneers may be an option for you. This can be done directly in the clinic with the help of filling materials or in cooperation with a dental technician

Veneers allows you to change a tooth color, shape or position in the jaw. we can either build a veneer of composite materials directly into the mouth, or porcelain facade manufactured by a dental technician and then glued to the teeth.



Teeth bleaching


Teeth whitening is performed at the clinic, however it is important that a consultation and examination is done first hand to identify which treatment is more suited for you.


We have cooperation with skilled specialists in all areas such as: surgery, prosthetics and occlusal physiology.



At Greendent, dentists will provide you with a detailed estimation and associated treatment plan During your consultation, you will recive general information about the treatment and we discuss your individual preferences and circumstances.


Our ambition is to give our patients, a total experience of empathy, warmth and professionalism that stands for an excellent patient care.





Dental Hygiene Treatment


Dental hygienist treatments are usually scaling, polishing and cleaning. In addition to this, you will recive good advice and instructions in an optimal oral health!

There is a dental hygienist in the clinic. You can come to the clinic only for an appointment with dental hygienist




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